Customer Experience

Is advertising the only way to a strong brand?

Your Challenges


Why do customers really choose your company or brand? Why do they remain loyal? 

Ask any CEO and they might struggle to answer these fundamental questions. It is a fact that many companies often fail to fully understand the potential of their brand.

The intangible values associated with a brand are difficult to uncover, let alone manage. However, it is these intangible values that lie behind most purchase decisions – and contrary to popular belief, customers' decisions are mostly irrational.

Sales staff and purchasers spend much time discussing prices, features and quantifiable benefits to rationalise decisions. However, it is the emotional connection to the brand that is often the defining factor in a purchase decision.

So how should you meet this challenge?


We can help you to increase your understanding of what your company is really good at and leverage your brand’s strengths. 

We will also uncover your brand’s weaknesses and identify the touch points where customer expectations are not met.

This strategy improves customer experience by design, not by coincidence. The customer journey is a complex one, passing through phases including initial contact with your brand, pre-sales, sales, service delivery and evaluation – very often it only ends when a customer experiences an unacceptable gap between their expectations and the perceived reality. We help to bridge the gap at each touch point. Read on and find out how we can achieve this.


Our approach is based upon applying deep customer insights pragmatically. 

Together with our operational experience of service processes we are able to strike a balance between optimised customer experience, employee experience and enhancing or reinforcing brand values.

For an overview of our approach, visit the following pages:

  • Customer Experience Management
  • Customer Insight
  • Service Design

Getting Started

Customer Experience Enhancement needn’t be expensive whilst having a major impact to your bottom line.

Strong brands command a price premium, improving profitability. Of course, this depends on a company’s ability to fully exploit the potential of their brand with new services that meet customer needs.

At Noventum, we can help you understand how value is perceived in the Decision Making Unit, the combination of managers and operational staff. These people all experience different touch points and applying our experience and insights at this level can help improve marketing and sales effectiveness.

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