Are you getting the Max from ServiceMax?

ServiceMax is recognized as a leading provider of field service management solutions. Many service businesses rely on ServiceMax to fulfil their service business goals and have done so successfully.

After initial implementation, the most urgent and important business goals have typically been met, however, the world changes; the market evolves and imposes new requirements on your organisation and the services you provide. Advances in technology provide new business opportunities (IoT, artificial intelligence and Augmented and Virtual Reality) and ServiceMax provides new innovations to their solutions on a continual basis.

Noventum often sees organisations struggling to keep up with all these changes and innovations, and are unable to transform these new opportunities that technology provides into real business value.

We also see, for example, that organisations frequently:

  • only use a limited set of ServiceMax functionality and do not benefit from the full capabilities that ServiceMax provides. Fully utilizing the ServiceMax functionality can lead to more efficient operations and increased customer and employee satisfaction.
  • have not or only partially integrated ServiceMax with their ERP and/or CRM thus unable to run their operations as efficient as possible and unable to provide their service staff with relevant customer information.
  • have trouble achieving a high adoption rate, which results in poor usage of the solution, strongly limits the organisation to reach their projected business goals and eventually leads to a failed implementation.

Noventum is researching how organisations are dealing with ServiceMax innovations, what additional challenges are holding them back to advance from get maximum value from their field service management solution.  This research should provide valuable insights and help to develop best practices on how to address these challenges and continuously innovate your ServiceMax solution.

Participants of this research will receive an exclusive report which contains the outcome this research project.

Are you curious whether you are getting the Max from ServiceMax or do you want to participate in this research, please contact Noventum.

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