Digital Services Transformation Course

How to lead the transformation of traditional product related service business towards a service business aimed at improving the customer’s business?

Many manufacturing companies already know how to monetise the knowledge they provide to their customers through products and product relates services. Digital Services are now multiplying the opportunities enabled by the Internet of Things to improve customer experience, grow through new business optimisation services and improve performance through productivity improvements in existing preventive and predictive maintenance services. The question for most companies is how to transform the organisation fast enough for maximum results.

This four-day management course provides both the strategic perspective as well as the hands-on transformation perspective for manufacturing companies. It will learn them why and how to take action to improve their competitive situation by changing the business model while providing tangible results at every step in the digital service transformation journey. Success in such a transformation depends on changes in strategy, leadership and organisational culture.

This course provides a comprehensive guide and suite of tools to understand and lead your way through a digital services transformation. With an emphasis on ‘how-to’, participants leave the programme with deep understanding and actionable plans on how to:

  • Assess your current organisation’s digital services capabilities
  • Identify new digital services opportunities by exploring the sources of customer value
  • Leverage best practice digital service business models to define your own services portfolio
  • Align management and develop a digital services vision and strategy
  • Design and launch new digital services
  • Set up your digital service factory
  • Market and sell digital services
  • Lead the organisational transformation to success by dealing with culture and alignment of organisational functions and regions
  • Develop, recruit and retain talent with digital service skills

Participants profile

  • Leaders and senior executives seeking the comprehensive perspective needed to develop a digital services strategy, which includes: strategic understanding, customer understanding, organisational wisdom and innovation-based capabilities
  • Senior managers seeking to build their own strategic, leadership and innovation-based capabilities and develop personalised, actionable plans
  • Project managers of digital services initiatives with relevant experience
  • Change manager roles or transformation project teams with relevant experience

Programme format & overview

The Digital Services Transformation course is offered in a public course format and comprises of four inter-active training days. The programme is based on real case studies that are discussed and illustrated with presentations and video material. Several exercises will stimulate learning by doing as well as debate with the faculty and peers. Some pre-reading material and e-learning should be expected. Participants should plan for a total effort of 40 hours of pre-study, class room sessions and home work. The proven Noventum Service Transformation Methodology and the service industry maturity model are used as reference models throughout the programme.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017
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