3D spare parts printing

3D spare parts printing
  • Optimise the delivery of critical parts to some locations
  • Reduce warehousing costs by not stocking some parts at all
In this service accelerator we:
  • Help you to select best parts to launch a 3D parts printing Proof of Concept
  • Prepare an action plan to launch the 3D parts printing project successfully
  • Anticipate supply chain design review to leverage 3D parts potential
How we do this?

Step 1: We assess your spare parts supply chain and identify the main pain points

Step 2: We help you to select 100 parts that might benefit from 3D printing and assess the feasibility to be 3D printed

Step 3: Using our templates we help you to create the business case for the parts that are suitable for 3D printing

Step 4: If the business case is positive we help you to create an action plan to move forward.