The Customer Experience Bootcamp

Sales conversations focus on price. With customers demanding more services as well as asking you to take over risks, you’re probably unsure of what course of action to take.

Our Customer Experience Bootcamp helps you share the importance of the customer experience across the organisation and create awareness of the different touchpoints customers have within your organisation. Together we will define positive and negative customer experiences and identify customer experience improvement opportunities. By participating in the bootcamp, you create awareness and engagement between stakeholders to support the further development.

To get the process started, ask yourself the following questions regarding your organisation and the challenges it faces:

  • What is customer experience and why should we care about it?
  • How do we improve customer experience and what is the potential?
  • How do we create alignment amongst key stakeholders and attain the required support?
  • How do we develop a positive customer experience?

Our 2-day Customer Experience Bootcamp can help you address these challenges by:

  • Understanding what customer experience is and why it’s so important
  • Looking at the individual touchpoint’s customers have within your organisation
  • Identifying positive and negative customer experiences
  • Developing a vision of future customer experiences at different touchpoints
  • Identifying customer experience improvement opportunities

Contact us directly to find out how we can support you in exploring the Customer Experience Bootcamp within your organisation.

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