Define your business process scope and functional requirements in days, not months
Business Scoping and Requirements Gathering Workshop

When you need a new solution to support your service business, or want to validate or enhance your existing implementation, it is crucial to properly define what the solution should do, how it can best support your way of working, and how it will help you to market, sell and deliver your services in the best possible way.

To fully understand your current way of working and to define your requirements from scratch typically takes several months of interviewing, discussions, workshops and documenting; particularly when you need to involve many parts of the organization from different parts of the world. Consequently, it becomes a lengthy and costly initiative.

With Noventum’s Business Scoping and Requirements Gathering Workshop, this process can be accelerated significantly because we use a standard and proven approach to quickly define your entire process scope and the functional requirements a service solution should possess to support those processes.

What makes our approach unique is our use of a common service delivery model to define both the processes that need to be supported, and the Functional Reference Architecture for Service which has over 900 typical functional requirements for a service management solution.

By selecting the requirements that are relevant for your situation from the list, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of what you need to get you started on selecting and designing your future proof service solution.

The Functional Reference Architecture contains functionality that you’ve probably never thought of or realized and thus provides new ideas on how to better support the delivery of your services.

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