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Your Challenges


Staff costs often represent up to 80% of the operational costs of any service business. 

It is also true that people are the ambassadors of the brand and they have the biggest impact on the customer experience. However, in technical organisations there is often very little management time and attention paid to people development and engagement. At Noventum, we understand the enormous potential this area holds and can help you develop staff competency in a way that leads to improved performance and a successful transformation for profitable growth.


Managing behaviour, knowledge and skills is probably one of the most complex challenges any business leader faces. 

At the same time, it is undoubtedly a critical factor that determines success.

Experience tells us that often an initiative or new strategy takes longer or fails to deliver the expected results. This is because people find it hard to embrace change. HR Managers often need assistance in understanding the challenges staff face. Companies use help to establish organisational design, conducting comparative analyses of best in class organisations. This is where we can make a difference.


Periodic and thorough assessment of what needs to be developed is the corner stone of effective staff development. 

By analysing your business challenges and objectives, Noventum can help you define which skills, knowledge, behaviour and attitudes need to be developed and to which proficiency levels. Your competitiveness will be strengthened through proven best practice standard competencies.

The results of our work are defining – you will gain clear insight into where and how to develop your staff and ensure you achieve improved returns on training budgets and programs. You will also discover which specific skills, knowledge, attitudes and commitment need to be developed to transform your business.

Finally, you will see where expertise gaps exist. That will allow you to define clear development objectives.

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