Is ‘a new feature and a price cut’ the only option?

Your Challenges


Competition in business is tough. Emerging markets are increasing the pressure, even on the most sophisticated products.

You could try to meet the challenge by slashing prices – but in this game there are only losers. Similarly, competing on product features and benefits does not yield a lasting competitive advantage either.

Your challenge is to find a long-lasting and sustainable route to growth – and that’s where Noventum’s expertise makes the difference.


Noventum is a global leader in developing Brand Driven Growth Strategies Based on Value Adding Services. 

Our experience will help you discover previously unknown customer needs, allowing you to meet them with exciting new service propositions.

We can help you increase market share by implementing smarter service marketing and sales strategies. These strategies drive growth in emerging markets by understanding and addressing market needs and conditions.

We are also experts at developing effective pricing strategies. By understanding and managing customer value perception, prices and profitability can be increased.

To enhance these strategies, we can help you accelerate the adoption of new technologies that are strategic platforms for growth. This is achieved by finding new uses and applications for the technology through service design.     


Our brand driven service growth strategies begin with in-depth research and understanding of your customers' intangible needs. 

This allows us to design standardised and therefore scalable propositions. It can also help you manage the transition from a product / technology driven organisation to a services and customer centric business model.

Of course, we are a global partner and as such, can assist in service strategy design and implementation on a worldwide basis. With over 200 successful projects, our approach works. And what’s in it for you?

Getting Started

The growth potential in services can’t be underestimated.

Data shows that over the past three decades 70-80% of GDP and 87% of growth in high-income countries comes from the service business.

You can enjoy high, sustainable and profitable growth by unlocking the potential in your services business – potential we know you already have. This fundamental shift has many other defining benefits. You will identify and capitalise on new business opportunities you have not seen before. You will also find that a new approach re-energises teams and organisations, engaging staff at all levels and providing new impetus to your operations.

At Noventum, we can help you achieve this, and more, without making the common mistakes – we’ve already made them on your behalf. Why not contact Noventum today and find out how we can help you identify and unlock the potential in your service business, starting today. 

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