Is ‘work harder and cut costs’ the only option?

Your Challenges


Experience tells us that improving profitability only by cost cutting is not sustainable. 

As a Service Company it is in your best interest to keep your staff engaged and motivated – after all, they are your key asset and represent your highest operational cost.

We believe the most successful productivity improvement initiatives are about working smarter, not harder. Focus should lie on improving two elements – employee satisfaction and the customer experience. Doing so will ultimately enhance the value of your brand.

But on a hands-on level, where does the job of improving your profitability start?


We use proven methodology and data benchmarking that allows us to quickly and accurately assess where the important opportunities for productivity improvement can be found. 

Once these are found, Noventum applies Service Industry Standards and Best Practices to address these issues.

We can help you deliver worldwide standardisation of your service organisation. By doing so, you enhance economies of scale through service factory concepts.

Furthermore, we continuously improve the maturity level of service organisations through accurately monitoring this.  


The key to profitability in services is scalable and standardised service concepts. 

But then, ‘individual standardisation’, whereby the customer experiences a service, is personalized to fit their needs.

Noventum applies proven Service Industry Standards, allowing you to achieve faster and better profitability. We are proud to say that no other company possesses such a large and up to date database of services industry benchmark data. We developed and continue to maintain the Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards – invaluable knowledge that no other company has access to.

Our approach can be summarised as follows:

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The future depends on the service your offer towards your customers