Service Growth Benchmark Executive Roundtable Session

Service Growth Benchmark Executive Roundtable Session

Thank you for your interest in the Service Growth Benchmark roundtable session, which we are looking forward to!

Note: We ask all participants to complete the Service Growth Benchmark survey, this will provide you with more value for the upcoming roundtable session. After completion of the benchmark survey, you will receive your individual benchmark report that will show the profit potential and more! You can start or complete your survey here.

During the roundtable on the 25th of November, we will discuss the best practices on how to drive profitable and sustainable growth through digitally enabled services. We are going to present some of the key outcomes of our Service Growth Benchmark research.

This will be an opportunity to meet like-minded service business executives and hear how they have been able to profitably grow their service business. We will present and discuss the key findings of the benchmark for your peer group and discuss these topics:

  • Key factors that drive growth in product-related services and customer business-related services
  • Key factors driving productivity
  • Key factors driving profit margins
  • The impact of different types of services on the financial performance
  • The impact of recurring revenues on financial performance
  • The impact of digitalization on the financial performance
  • Successful investment strategies to drive service growth and profitability

The roundtable will be facilitated by Noventum and we will invite you to share some of your own experiences, successes or lessons learned and ask questions to others. The objective is to learn from each other in an open environment. Therefore we will make sure no direct competitors will be in one group and we will start off with a short introduction of the roundtable participants.

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