Digital Transformation of Service: best-of-breed, platform, or hybrid architecture?

For an organisation to successfully transform their service business and gain maximum benefits, having the right advanced technology in place is essential.

Supporting service processes in an optimum manner requires a number of functional domains such as: contact centre, service request management, service marketing & sales, service contract management, finance, field service management, and parts management to name a few.

Given the scope and complexity of service as a business, no single product can provide all the capabilities needed. Some software vendors provide point solutions that cover a specific part of the requirements, while others provide features that cover several functional domains, either by combining several software offerings or a platform of pre-integrated of products.

This raises the choice: Is it best for your organisation to use a set of specialised products from multiple vendors, or a pre-integrated suite of products from a single vendor. Often described as the best-of-breed vs. platform architecture – but, does a hybrid architecture make more sense?

Read the white paper to learn the differences between best-of-breed, platform and hybrid architectures; see an architecture example; and learn about the approach to defining your Service IT Architecture.

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Is ‘work harder and cut costs’ the only option?