Happiness in Your Service Organisation

Happiness in Your Service Organisation

Service and people are naturally synonymous, particularly given that people account for almost two third of a service organisation’s costs. Care about their happiness to improve your organisational performance

How can organisations begin to address the question of their people’s happiness in the workplace? 
It starts with defining what you believe in as a company. Above and beyond the monetary, your people need to work for a company in which they believe and in which they feel they’re making a relevant contribution. It’s easy for service leaders to forget Stephen Covey’s doctrines when they are so concerned with EBIT and such measurements, but when he said that fulfilment at work comes from feeling that one’s contribution serves a higher purpose, he hit the mark. Feeling that you are contributing to something greater than yourself is the highest level of motivation. Combining this driver with the motivation afforded by a true leader with whom people can relate – that’s pure alchemy when it comes to fulfilment at work. 

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