How to turn data into information, progressing into repetitive strategic decision making

In this article, Marco van Duijnhoven, Director Global Service Repair Operations at Cisco and Cees van Wichen, Senior Consultant at Noventum and former Senior Vice President for Philips Healthcare International Services Division, discuss how data gathered via connected parts can be transformed into datadriven decisions.

We live in a smart, connected world. The oftenquoted sentence ‘that by the end of 2020 we will have more than 50 billion connected devices’[1] shows the exponential growth we will see in this area in the upcoming years. For manufacturers, the implications of this emerging development are huge. Cees van Wichen defines Connected Parts Management as being how a classical service parts management model is influenced by smart capabilities. “Smart capabilities offer expanding opportunities for new functionality, far greater reliability and higher product utilization and capabilities that are across traditional parts boundaries”, he defines.

Many manufacturers rely on products that will become smart and connected. For example, Cees van Wichen mentions the cargo handling solutions and services provider Kalmar that belongs to Cargotec. They developed “Kalmar Insight – Making sense out of Big Data”. It is an approach for performance management and improvement solutions, including realtime view of a terminal’s productivity and performance.[2]

The amount of data gathered via connected parts is enormous. Marco van Duijnhoven (...)

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