Benchmark your service business against the industry leaders

Service organisations want to grow their service business and improve profitability.

Noventum’s Service Benchmark Studies are published to allow you to benchmark your performance by:

•    Illustrating how different peer groups with different capabilities are growing through service
•    Enabling companies to benchmark themselves against peers and understand their potential
•    Providing quick-wins and key areas to improve, to help companies increase their revenue


Enjoy the full benefits of our Benchmarking Services which are part of our Service Transformation Centre (STC).

Here you can collaborate on-line with our coaches to understand your service capabilities and potential, as well as: 
•    Compare your company to peers and best in class companies
•    Calculate your future growth potential
•    Prioritize the identified service business improvement opportunities and create your roadmap


Download the full Benchmark Study here

Is ‘work harder and cut costs’ the only option?