How a manufacturing company gets started with digital services?

How a manufacturing company gets started with digital services?

This is a case study created by Noventum’s Service Innovation Programme Team that described the journey of a manufacturing company “Pump IT” (not the real company name) of going to digital customer business related services, described through the eyes of the CEO.

The CEO’s journey to Digital Services

Mr Travis Fischer, CEO of Pump IT, was looking out of his window from the headquarters overlooking one of the biggest factories of industrial pumps in the world. He just came out of a board meeting where the future of his business was discussed after having done a Digital Services Strategy Project with Noventum. He was reflecting on the project during which his management team went through the process of understanding the terms “Internet of Things” and “Digital Services” He felt that each of his executives now understood how Digital Services could bring value to their functions in the business. It has been a journey with unexpected turns but all the executives did eventually saw what was in it for them, resulting in a new vision of growth through Digital Services with a strategic roadmap that was created with the consultants. They also identified several strategic challenges that his organisation had to now deal with.

Who wouldn’t like their products to be smart?

The project started with improving the understanding of the new buzz words “Internet of Things” and “Digital Services”. All the executives in his team were experienced manufacturing executives that had learned a long time ago how to produce and sell products. They had been very successful during their careers doing exactly this. However, the new management concepts and new way of thinking “all digital services”, raised some eyebrows in his team. Through the discovery workshops with the consultants and pre-empted by the reading materials they received, his team developed a better understanding. As Mr Fisher reflected now, without that understanding it would have been very difficult to agree on a commonly understood and agreed vision and strategic roadmap. (...)

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