The Service Skills of the future

The Service Skills of the future

Customers don’t want high-quality products only.  They also expect complete solutions - like smart services for instance - that address their problems. Manufacturers often ask themselves: How do I develop, sell and deliver smart services? 

Most manufacturers today are product driven organisations. As a product vendor, technical capabilities are key to be able to sell products and deliver reactive product related services like break-fix. In the future however, focusing only on the product will no longer be enough. Customers demand solutions that not only solve the technical challenges they face but also the broader business challenges they encounter. These are called integrated solutions. This term comprises of products and services that are combined into a customized solution for the client.

What does the service of the future look like?

Services of the future will solve a customer’s problem by delivering customized bundles of integrated services and products. These solution driven organisations increasingly focus their processes and activities on (...)

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