High efficiency service delivery models to create memorable customer experience

A case study for service business leaders

High efficiency service delivery models to create memorable customer experience

Case Study: 

A major manufacturer and service provider for healthcare equipment concluded that if they wanted to increase their market penetration while maintaining their profitability, they needed high efficiency service delivery models.


In order for the redesign of the service delivery model; new methodologies, tools and coaching were necessary. You may find the steps in the handbook in Noventum’s Service Transformation Centre. 


The company re-engineered their service delivery model to become high efficiency and perceived as high value by customers. The new high efficiency service delivery models have enabled the company to grow their service business, typically with double digit growth rates. The high efficiency service delivery model allowed the company to sell equipment with a lower “street price” with a service contract and still achieve gross profit margins worth of 50% percent. 

Read the full case study and be inspired by the handbook for redesigning your service delivery model. 

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