Spare parts 3D & Noventum enter into a strategic partnership.

Spare parts 3D & Noventum enter into a strategic partnership.

Noventum is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Spare Parts 3D, a software and services provider committed to the most efficient and cost-effective spare parts solutions for manufacturers, leveraging a unique identification software and global network of additive manufacturing service bureaus.

This innovative partnership will combine Noventum’s Consulting Service Business expertise and Spare Parts 3D’s commitment to the identification, digitalization and 3D printing of spare parts. The two companies’ unique synergy will transform spare parts supply chain pain points (e.g., obsolescence, long lead times, high inventories, etc.) into positive and real business cases. Heavy industry companies and equipment manufacturers will be able to create digital inventory and use additive manufacturing to improve parts supply chain efficiency and asset readiness

As a result, the partnership will help companies provide almost infinite lifetime for spare parts, tighter Service Levels Agreements and lower parts stock value.

To familiarise yourself with the possibilities of such partnership, we have created a unique accessible offer as part of our Service Accelerator series. You will be able to evaluate and test the benefits of 3D printed parts and initiate digitalization of your inventory.

“Over the last 5 years, we have experienced first-hand the potential of bringing additive manufacturing to heavy industry companies. We are very happy to partner with Noventum to bring the real business potential of this technology to an even wider client base.”

Paul Guillaumot,

Spare Parts 3D, President & Founder

“We believe we can help manufacturers offer improved business models facilitated by 3D parts printing and/or dramatically increase their profit by reviewing their supply chain, taking into account the capabilities of 3D parts printing with our parts supply chain transformation.”

Hilbrand Rustema,

Noventum Service Management Consultants, Founder & Managing Director

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