'Drivers for Growth in Service' - Research - Phase 2 started

In December 2019, Noventum, together with Microsoft and HSO, launched a research initiative to explore how manufacturers and technical service providers prosper in an increasingly services led world.  


Phase 1 of this research, which consisted of several interviews with leading companies in the industry, is almost complete. We have gained very valuable insight into successful service business models and key enablers for success e.g.  


  • Digitalisation will be a key enabler for new business models and to respond to increasing customer demands 

  • The organisation needs to support and embrace new business models, or the new business model should be developed and deployed in a spin-off of the company before being incorporated into the existing organisation 

  • The depth of a service portfolio and the possibility to combine services and tailor it to respond to customer needs will be key to survive and differentiate from the competition 


In phase 2 of the research we would like to validate our initial findings and understand the relevance of successful business models, pre-requisites and key enablers in different industries, environments etc.  

Therefore, we would like to give you another opportunity to participate in this research by filling out an online survey. The survey will only take 10 minutes to complete and in return, you will receive a full report with our findings, including fresh insights into new opportunities. This report will be completed in March 2020.  


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