Partnership : InUse & Noventum

Partnership : InUse & Noventum

We are pleased to announce that InUse & Noventum will team up to foster the development of new service business models for the machinery industry.

With an annual forecasted growth of 35% by 2025, Equipment As A Service is undoubtedly becoming a strategic imperative for manufacturing companies and especially for equipment manufacturers.

However, engaging in this transformation is highly challenging and requires to efficiently combine new technologies, specific competencies as well as a new outcome-based service business model.

In order to help equipment manufacturers in this journey, Noventum, a management consulting firm focused on digital service transformation of global manufacturing and industrial companies partners with InUse, provider of Industrial IoT software solutions for factories and OEMs.

Our partnership will help equipment manufacturers to go through all aspects that belong to this transformation journey: from corporate vision definition, service business model design, new processes, and organizational definition, to technology choices and implementation on the field.

“If there is no doubt anymore that digital technologies and especially IoT are key accelerators of the manufacturing industry transformation, we observe how difficult it can be for equipment manufacturers to leverage them effectively. Succeeding in this transformation requires a holistic approach combining business and technology and that’s exactly the value that our partnership with Noventum intends to achieve”.

Laurent Couillard,


CEO & founder.

“We believe we can help manufacturers to offer new business models (e.g. predictive services or equipment as a service) to monetize the potential for profitable growth and to shorten their time to value with our approach in partnership with InUse.”

Hilbrand Rustema,

Noventum Service Management Consultants, Founder & Managing Director

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