IoT Readiness Assessment

Do you understand the value of IoT but don’t know where to start? Have you already started your IoT journey but want to get more out of it?

For many service organisations, the Internet of Things (IoT) has great potential to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, increase efficiency and allow for the implementation of completely new business models. Over the last few years, many (service) organisations have started experimenting with IoT, typically from a technical perspective. While some are experiencing the benefits of IoT due to prior implementations, there also exists organisations that have not carried out IoT initiatives yet.

Take our 5-minute IoT Readiness Assessment to get an overview of where you stand in relation to IoT, and determine how ready your organisation is to benefit from it.

Areas Assessed:

  • IoT Vision and Strategy
  • Your organisational buy-in regarding IoT
  • Your current situation regarding IoT
  • Design for evolution to IoT business: Product and Service management
  • IoT Enablement Capabilities

Outcome of Assessment:

On the completion of this assessment, you will get an overview of your company's IoT readiness, compared to best practices in the industry.

The outcome will be presented in a spider chart illustrating your score per area assessed. A low score indicates that there are opportunities for improvement in that area.

Start the free assessment

To help you discover which improvement opportunities are most relevant for your organisation and which offer the most benefits, Noventum can:

  • Conduct a full assessment of your IoT capabilities and your service business. Based on detailed findings, and also our service standards and best practices, we will provide you with improvement opportunities and a roadmap to move forward with these improvements.
  • Run a Future of Service workshop to help your organisation discover which IoT-enabled services you could offer your clients, and the implications for your service organisation.

These initiatives help your organisation not only better utilise the business benefits of IoT through services, but also become a service innovator.