Customer Centric Innovation for Sustainable Growth

Service seems to help with solving “business challenges”, which goes further than solving merely ‘’service challenges”. This is one of the key findings of our Research on today and tomorrow's Drivers for Growth.

Most companies have an insufficient focus on customers and innovation. Images of customer expectations and needs are often coloured by internal interest, technological opportunities, existing products and current limitations. In addition, innovations often lack sufficient investments and are in many cases somewhat uncontrolled and incoherent, resulting in frustration and the lack of desired results. Furthermore, on the medium term, service revenue and profits are not significant on their own and therefore not relevant enough in the eyes of top management. What is evident is that successful service directors align their service strategy with the strategic bottlenecks of the company as a whole. This not only results in the increase of the added value of services within the organization, but also ensures services get a permanent spot in the strategic agenda. ​​

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Published: October 2014