Sell service with product

Sell service with product
  • Did you know that selling a service together with a product is the most effective way to sell that service?
  • Did you know that customers perceive this combination as a solution, creating a partnership which drives customer satisfaction and loyalty?
  • Did you know that selling products and services together secures long-term recurring business?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then have a look at this accelerator that will help you to define the right approach to increase your service attachment rate and sell services in a more effective way.

 In this service accelerator we:
  • Help you to define the future approach for selling products and services together based on best practices
  • Design a personalised action plan to improve your current attachment rate within a six-month period

We do this by:

  1. Asking you to complete a survey so we understand your current situation
  2. Conducting an online session with the appropriate people to analyse your attachment rates
  3. Assisting you to develop the actions your company will have to undertake based on our best-in-class principles.
  4. Reviewing the action plan with you, and prioritising activities
  5. Evaluating the results