Select a new Service IT Solution

A case study for service business leaders

Select a new Service IT Solution

Case Study:

A global medical instruments’ manufacturer recognized that having an industry leading Service Management Solution is a key enabler for:

  • digitalising and transforming their service business;
  • achieving their strategic business goals such as profitable growth and improved productivity;
  • adopting a globally standardized way of working;
  • delivering advanced Predictive Maintenance services based on IoT and AI.

They found that selecting the most suitable Service Management Solution, aligned to their business, was a challenging task as they did not fully understand their user requirements. In addition, they found that there are numerous software products on the market, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, but that no single product can support a complete end-to-end service processes.


The company mentioned that the project helped them to thoroughly determine the scope and requirements in a relatively short time, something that would have taken them several months to complete with the involvement of many resources. As a side-effect, the workshops helped the global service organisation to become more aware of each other’s way of working, operational issues and understand in which areas they are different from each other or quite similar. As a team-building activity this was also very useful. 

“With the support of Noventum and following a 7 step approach in selecting a Field Service management Solution (FSM) we were able to manage through the complexities and avoid the pitfalls and effectively select an optimum end to end FSM solution that would meet our current and future service business needs and objectives” - Head of Service

By using Noventum’s knowledge of the service management software market and what is needed to be able to run a service business and the tools and frameworks that Noventum uses to support this, the company was able to evaluate a limited number of solutions without the need to go through a lengthy RFI phase. In a relatively short time period, with limited effort needed from their own resources and with acceptable costs, the company had all the information needed to make a well-founded decision. 

Learn how they accelerated the selection of a suitable Service Management Solution from the case study. In addition, check the handbook that provides a guideline for service business and IT leaders about how to successfully select a Service Management Solution.