Design and Build Centre

The Design and Build Centre is our digital platform that helps you to design and build your Service Business organisation.

Service Transformation Centre

What is the Design & Build Centre, and how it works:

The Design and Build Centre is our digital platform which helps you design and build your Service Business organisation through proven, ready-made content and blueprints, thereby enabling you to quickly develop service capabilities. 

The process begins with you defining and selecting different business scenarios. This will help you select the scope of your service operating model and start the design. Once this is completed, you can start building and testing your IT solution. 

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Topics covered in the Design & Build Centre:

  • Service sales & delivery processes 
  • Operating principles & management practices 
  • Service roles & people competencies 
  • IT solution (select, define, build) 
  • Master data model 
  • Service business functional requirements  
  • Organisational Model design 
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Why is Noventum offering the Service Transformation Centre?

Noventum has been working the past two decades with a lot of large multi-national companies that needed to grow and improve their service business. Over the years of running service transformation projects we discovered that most service businesses use similar Service Management Practices, Process Models, Roles and Organisation Designs, Performance Metrics, Solution Requirements, Service Solution Blueprints, and E-Learning training courses no matter the industry they are in or technology platform they sell.

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