Service Solution Blueprint


Companies wanting to digitally transform their service business need to ensure they have selected the right service management solution and make certain that the implementation is completed successfully, on time and delivers the capabilities that the business needs.

Not implementing the right solution has a serious impact on revenue and costs, but more importantly on the ability to achieve key business objectives.


A Service Solution Blueprint is a solution architecture design template for a specific combination of software products that together form a Service Management solution.

Noventum has created several Service Solution Blueprints that describe proven and robust combinations of CRM, ERP, FSM and IoT platforms from leading vendors.


A Service Solution Blueprints consists of:

  • The Functional Blueprint which defines the functionality (user stories) needed to support the services business based on the type of services provided, the sales and delivery model and organisational design.

  • A Data Blueprint that specifies the data structures and interfaces used in the service solution and how the data is used.

  • An Application Blueprint which defines the applications and software components that are used to provide the required functionality as well as how they will work together in order to ensure end-to-end integrated support.

  • The Technical Blueprint that defines the technical components of the service solution.

By selecting the Service Solution Blueprint(s) that best matches your specific situation, the number of Field Service Management products to be considered can be reduced to one or two. The selected Service Solution Blueprint can then be used to significantly accelerate the design, build and integration of a Service Management solution as the design elements provided can be used as a starting point. Design the solution in weeks rather than months.

The Service Solution Blueprint is used as a starting point to rapidly define the scope, determine the requirements, select a pre-defined solution architecture and select the most suitable Field Service Management product.

Getting started

The Service Solution Blueprints are delivered as a feature of the Service Transformation Centre. Visit the Service Transformation Centre for more details and how to get started now.