People Development

Create a full learning and development programme for the people in your service business
  • Why is people development important?

    Your people are the most powerful ambassadors of your brand. They also have the biggest impact on your customers’ experiences. Yet, while it has been proven that employee performance is a key factor in retaining customers, more often than not, organisations focus primarily on developing the technical skills of their service employees instead.

  • Key challenge for people development

    This poses as a key challenge when the journey from a product-centric to a customer-centric organisation begins. It entails shifting the mindset of employees, which can only be achieved by providing them with the right tools to change.

  • Tool to change people

    One such tool is proper training - a vital starting point in changing mindset. However, training will only be effective if the company follows it up with continual, intensive coaching and on-the-job learning programmes.

  • Learning programmes

    Noventum can help you to create a full learning and development strategy for your service business. We offer training for all levels of your organisation and we can advise you on how to best structure your coaching and on-the-job learning programmes.