Field Service Engineer


This Field Service Engineer training has been created for both experienced and new field service engineers learning unique customer service skills to ensure success in their high expectation and complex environment.

Developed specifically for the technical field engineer, Field Service Engineer provides interactive online learning with on-the-job tools for professional, business and behavioral competencies.

Objectives of this training

The objectives of this web-based training are:

  • To provide you with the competencies needed to excel in your role as Field Service Engineer

  • To teach the key competencies:

    • How to plan and control projects
    • How to be effective in time management
    • How to work well with others and avoid conflicts
    • How to understand and manage customer experience
    • How to manage yourself and projects successfully
    • How to use Key Performance Indicators
    • How to think conceptually and analytical
    • How to communicate with customers
    • How to manage customers expectations

You can find more information about the 4 modules and topics in the training outline that you can download below.

The Field Service Engineer online training

  • For whom?: For both experienced and new field service engineers operating in a manufacturing company
  • Language: English, other languages upon request

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