Learn how to successfully identify, select, design and roll-out new services.
Service Design


Develop standardised and yet personalised services that will be the drivers of profitable and sustainable growth. This course includes topics such as: How to articulate the value of services, how to develop a marketing and sales strategy, as well as, how to organise service delivery for consistency in customer experience and global scalability.

Course Objectives:

The course is designed to help business developers and product managers gain the knowledge and insight necessary to:

  • Identify opportunities (conducting a market research)
  • Evaluate and select within an existing portfolio
  • Develop a strategy of future service delivery
  • Design a marketing, sales and delivery model
  • Develop, test and evaluate new propositions
  • Scale propositions and manage them until the end of their lifecycle

This is achieved by using a stage-gate approach and short iterations to reduce risk and ensure quick wins

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