Which Field Service Management Solutions can provide the most business benefits with the least risk?

ServiceMax, Microsoft and IFS provide best-in-class in Field Service Management Solutions.

According to research and evaluations conducted by Noventum, Field Service Management solutions provided by ServiceMax, Microsoft and IFS are best positioned to provide maximum business benefits to service businesses while the potential risks and TCO are the lowest.

Noventum evaluated vendors and their products by assessing their functional and non-functional capabilities against the industry leading Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards to determine whether the solutions can support the key businesses capabilities service businesses need to be successful.

Service organisations that are planning to select a new FSM solution can benefit from the knowledge and data collected to select the best FSM solution for their specific needs and for their specific situation. By using Noventum’s evaluation framework based on SCP this can be done in a much shorter timeframe and with a better and completer set of service requirements and evaluation criteria than is typically the case, ensuring that the selected solution can support all service processes in scope.

Through our extensive customer engagements, via product demos and customer references visits, Noventum validated the capabilities of service management solutions to ensure that they meet client’s needs in real world situations, resulting in the first FSM Solutions Reality Check.

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